Bach flower remedies

Sitzmann bach flowerOur emotions are the blueprint of our health.  Depression, overwhelm, fear, hopelessness… take a toll on our health, resulting in mental and physical illness.  Dr. Edward Bach, the creator of the Bach flower remedies believed that to truly cure a disease one needed to go to the root cause of it.  He believed the cause of illness was the negative state of mind of the person and by addressing a person’s negative state of mind, healing would take place naturally.

In Dr. Bach words:

“Disease of the body, as we know it, is a result and end product of something much deeper.  Disease originates above the physical plane, nearer the mental.  It is entirely a result of a conflict between our spiritual and mortal selves.  So long as these two are in harmony we are in perfect health, but when bach flower treatmentsthere is discord there follows what we know as disease.”

To achieve this harmony of body, mind, and spirit Dr. Edward Bach created the 38 flower essence remedies that are in my opinion, one of the greatest gift to humanity!

Bach flower remedies help to bring balance to any area of one’s life where there is “emotional turmoil”. These remedies do not suppress emotions such as guilt or hopelessness; rather they introduce us to life promoting emotions such as forgiveness and hope.

For example, are you indecisive or uncertain between two choices?  Do you experience moods swings? The remedy Scleranthus may be your best friend; it helps to stabilize mood swings and bring back decisiveness and poise in all circumstances.

When I meet wiMaria Sitzmann offers Bach flower treatmentth a client I discuss with them what is going on in their lives.  As the client answers I listen to their words and, more importantly, I watch their energetic answer.  Here we find the “root or the cause” of the illness as Dr. Edward Bach believed.

The journey with Bach flower remedies is a journey of healing and hope.  It is a journey of self-discovery through the healings that takes place.  Our journey is a gift and as a gift we may choose to unwrap it or not.  It is a personal choice.  If we choose not to unwrap this gift we will not learn who we truly ARE.   As a consequence we stay at the mercy of our lives’ circumstances as a ship without a captain.  However, if we choose to Unwrap this Gift,  then the Bach flower remedies are ready to assist us into this healing Journey.

Choose Wisely!

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